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Time Is Your Friend – Use It To Your Advantage

Most investors’ true investment horizons are far longer than the next few months. “Please fasten your seatbelt as we are encountering some turbulence,” is the unpleasant voice of the pilot’s warning during your flight (even if flying is becoming a distant memory). No matter how uncomfortable and violent the turbulence, no passenger seriously thinks of […]

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Introduction Recent events determine that the subject of this month’s blog differs markedly from our usual content. Above all else is the need to listen to medical advice and so minimise the risk of becoming infected by the virus. Here at Michael Forward Financial Services Ltd, we are continuing to provide the usual level of […]

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Our Top Ten Protection Tips

In this month’s blog, I look at insurance protection and emphasise the key role which such plans play in effective financial planning. Protection plans are normally issued by life assurance companies and typically do not provide a benefit at the end of the plan term.  They are designed to pay out either a lump sum […]

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Pensions, Property and Inheritance Planning

The UK population paid £5.2bn in inheritance tax in the last tax year. That figure has been increasing rapidly over the last seven years: it’s almost double the £2.7bn received by the Treasury in 2011. Why Inheritance Tax is Increasing Rising house prices will be playing their part in that increase, but we believe many […]

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