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Joint Ownership of Property

In this blog, I look at joint ownership of property.  It is important to understand the distinction between joint tenants and tenants in common as it can have significant implications particularly on the death of an owner.  Please see my notes at the end of this blog in the sections headed “Other issues Joint Ownership […]

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Thing To Consider With Interest Only Mortgages

January and February are the months when most mortgage borrowers will receive their annual mortgage statements from their lenders.  For most borrowers, there is little to do apart from making sure that the statement records accurately all of the payments made. However, for borrowers with an interest-only mortgage, there are other things to consider.  Lenders […]

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National Budget 2018 – Economic View

The Chancellor approached this Budget with many of the most important decisions affecting the public finances already made for him, or at least out of his hands. The prime minister had already announced the “end of austerity”, and a £20.5 billion increase in NHS spending by 2022, while progress in the Brexit negotiations continue to […]

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Retirement: How to avoid hidden dangers

Make sure you don’t run out of money or face a reduced standard of living. Increasingly, more and more pensioners are keeping much of their pension invested after they retire. This means they’re faced with two very different risks when deciding what to do with their savings in retirement in a world of ‘pension freedoms’. […]

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